Impertek releases the new Head for Jacks for all its pedestals. Available for supports with fixed head the version with Rubber AntiShock AS for an optimal noise absorption.


They absorb noise thanks to the anti-shock rubber

pedestal absorb noise

The new AS heads are equipped with special orange antishock rubber that ensures greater noise absorption compared to the old heads, for a more isolated floor and greater tranquility.





More stable and usable with the CL clips



Standard wing position suitable for all CL series clips

The wings have been positioned more externally for better efficiency and to use the heads with the step clips: the entire Impertek support range can be used with the latest CL series Step clips.





Easier & faster wings with pre-cuts


pedestal heads

The new AS heads are equipped with wings with pre-cut. The removal of wings is now faster and can be done without the need for cutters or other tools, directly with your hands!






The new heads completely replace the old heads

Comparative table with the new codes.