Deck Supports – Use Pedestals for Fast & Easy Installation

Are you planning on building a deck at your home, but thinking the building process could be more than you can handle? Pedestal Floor Supports can make your decking project easier than you think. Pedestals are the new deck support that can cut your installation time in half, successful architects and prominent builders around the world swear by them.

So, What Is A Deck Pedestal System Anyway?

Deck pedestals refers to plastic support pedestals that function the same as small pillars, which uphold the joint frame for decking structures. These pedestal supports create an excellent standard surface that is both even and stable. In addition, a deck pedestal floor support can be installed easily and in no time, regardless of the surface levels underneath.

Why Use A Deck Pedestal System?

1.      It can make the entire deck structure even and stable

2.      It has a high load-bearing capacity

3.      It can fix slopes and slants

4.      It makes underlay repair easier than ever before

5.      It is quick and easy to install:

Installing a decking surface over the top of the existing uneven surface may look difficult but it is actually pretty simple. After all, many of the pieces are simple press-fit type and the instructions to install too are quite easy to follow. No surface levelling through digging, no laying cement and no installing timber support posts –all you have to do is place the pedestals at the support centres for your decking frame and then twist the adjustable head to the desired height.

However, with any raised deck installation using a pedestal system, the following basic requirements must be met.

·         Decks must not go beyond the load capacity of the pedestal supports.

·         The decking frame should slope to some degree to provide positive drainage.

·         Roof decks must adhere to all local building codes (such as fire regulations and wind uplift.)

·         Any area not bounded by a wall must be ‘boxed-in’ in order to make the pavers immobile.

·         Any gaps around the edges must not exceed 1/8”.

Quality is paramount

When choosing your decks pedestal floor supports, you may choose from a wide range of materials for your deck surface. You should not, however, look for cheap products as quality should be your priority. This will make your deck last for a much longer time.

In conclusion,

Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourself homeowner, adjustable deck pedestal floor supports are the simple solution to all your decking needs! Pedestal Floor Supports can be installed on balconies, rooftops and on over cracked concrete patios. Furthermore, it works with any surface material, from traditional stringer and plank decks, wood tiles, natural stone, concrete and even composites.

If you love the look of an elevated deck and know your outdoor lifestyle could benefit from the functional benefits of having deck supports, get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!