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Pedestals For Raised Floors

A large number of commercial and domestic outdoor spaces today face the complex challenges of ever-changing space needs like, high foot traffic, operations driven by technologies and the virtually impossible undertaking of properly maintaining operational flexibility while keeping life-cycle costs to a minimum. All of these continual challenges also call for a fresh and improved approach on planning and constructing structures and some understanding into assuring that all building systems are well-integrated, so they become mutually supporting.

This is why the use of pedestals in commercial and domestic buildings, apartments and homes is rapidly gaining popularity with leading architects, designers, landscapers, and builders around the world. Pedestal Floor Supports pedestals present a solution designed to support all types of business and lifestyle environments. With our quality range of pedestal supports, any building structure can be designed appropriately in order to easily integrate sophisticated technology. A well-designed, smart space structure with pedestals will not only have the operational flexibility and the capacity to comfortably accommodate a vast array of applications and technological changes, but it will actually promote those changes.

The pedestals for prefabricated flooring can be used with any type of slab and self-supporting tile and can be used on any type of terrace even with exposed waterproofing.

Deck Supports

Ease of installation will save you time and money

Easy Installation

Pedestal floor supports will save time and money on your installation costs.

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Tile Supports

Load bearing specifications for any tiled flooring

Nothing Compares

Pedestals built to commercial standards for all types of floor construction projects

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Paving Supports

Unmatchable forces for the toughest of conditions

Built Tough

Impertek Pedestal floor supports are manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions

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Outdoor Floors

Adjustable or fixed height Pedestals for raised flooring

Endless Variety

Pedestal floor supports can be used with all flooring types.

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The Pedestal System

Raised flooring pedestals
pedestal floor supports 2
pedestal floor supports 3
pedestal floor supports 3
Fixed Height Pedestals
Adjustable Height Pedestals

Explore Our Recent Work

Our pedestals are used in a range of domestic to commercial raised flooring applications.  Here’s some of our recent projects. The Hi-Line rooftop bar at Perth’s Crown Casino where 2,300 adjustable supports were installed and the Regis -Hollywood Aged Care Facility, private hospital in Nedlands, Perth where 4,400 balanced and mini balanced adjustable supports with self leveling head pedestals were used.


Benefits of Using Pedestals For Your Floor Construction Project

Our impressive range of environmentally responsible and sustainable pedestals presents a practical opportunity to economically accommodate the service distribution changes demanded by today’s commercial and domestic establishments. The use of Impertek pedestals on commercial spaces not only promotes operational flexibility but also results in outstanding functionality.

If you are working on a raised floor construction project, look no further than Pedestal Floor Supports range of pedestals, manufactured by the global brand “Impertek” that was set up in Italy over three decades ago and is now used throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, USA and to Canada. Pedestal Floor Supports is committed to offering you certified and high-quality pedestal supports right across Australia.


Puts unsightly wiring, cables and equipment out of sight | Offers outstanding absorption of expansion and structural movements | Evenly distributes heavy weight load over the entire floor | Comes with fully adjustable heights | Has a lightweight yet durable structure | Creates a perfectly stable surface | Optimises the available space | Minimises operating costs and reduces facility and maintenance costs | Facilitates rapid water drainage through access cavity | Improves heat insulation | Protects the surface from UV degradation | Provides excellent acoustic insulation | Reduces sound impact levels | Offers streamlined installation and reduced project labour expenses | Manufactured from sustainable, recyclable elements | Promotes a healthy and productive work environment


Pedestals – Easy self-leveling installation

Pedestals – Certified to withstand the forces

Pedestals – Sub-floor space for utilities


Pedestals – Acoustic noise barrier

Pedestals – Air ventilation


Pedestals – Water drainage


 CSIRO Fire Certified AS/NZS 1530.3: 1999

10 Years Warranty

Italian Quality ISO9001 Products

Pedestal Supports, But With The Head Revolution

balance - self leveling-head

Self Leveling


Mini Balance

Pedestals - prime-up




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Trusted Partner

When you hear the term, “Made In Italy” you instantly think of quality products. This is with no exception as the global brand Impertek was foundered in Italy some 30+ years ago. Now exporting building product around the globe. Each one of their pedestal products has been certified and built with quality that surfaces most in the market place today. Pedestal Floor Supports is the main suppliers of the Impertek  pedestal products for Australia.

Quality  – Impertek Pedestals

No matter how small or large your project is using pedestals will cut your floor installation time down considerably.


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